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The DesignerFloors Collection is the latest in floorcovering technology. With the beautiful looks and texture of natural products like marble and wood, but with the practical attributes of warmth, waterproofing and durability, it is a realistic approach to flooring for your lifestyle.

Optimized-Colosseum 5G Clic Pale Oak 9

Colosseum 5G Clic Pale Oak 9

Optimized-Colosseum Deep Marble

Colosseum Deep Marble

Optimized-Colosseum Pale Oak 9

Colosseum Pale Oak 9

Optimized-Colosseum Smoked Oak

Colosseum Smoked oak

Optimized-Colosseum 5G Clic Deep Oak

Colosseum 5G Clic Deep Oak

Optimized-Colosseum 5G Clic Green Oak

Colosseum 5G Clic Green Oak

Optimized-Colosseum Aged Oak

Colosseum Aged Oak

Optimized-Colosseum Deep Marble2

Colosseum Deep Marble2

Optimized-Colosseum Taupe Oak

Colosseum Taupe Oak

Optimized-Colosseum Warm Concrete

Colosseum Warm Concrete

Optimized-Galleria Deep Marble

Galleria Deep Marble

Optimized-Galleria Forest Oak

Galleria Forest Oak

Optimized-Galleria Village Oak

Galleria Village Oak


Colosseum Greek Marble1-1

Optimized-Palace 5G Clic Buckingham Oak

Palace 5G Clic Buckingham Oak

Optimized-Galleria Regal Oak

Galleria Regal Oak