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Engineered wood is the most common wood flooring used globally. it is formed by using two or more layers of wood in the form of a plank. The top layer is the wood which is adhered to the core. The wood is the part which is visible. Each layer runs at a 90 degree angle to the above layer of wood which gives it an increased stability.
Its available in many shades of oak , maple , walnut and mahogany . Guaranteed to add high end styling to your living space.

Choosing Engineering Wood

Engineering wood is good for the place where there is high volume of humidity and moisture. Engineering wood have become popular in past decade just because of its durability, high range of quality levels, beauty and variety. WISE FLOORS is the right place to get different type of engineering wood flooring according to your room decoration. The popularity of  Engineering wood is also because that it  always gives 100% fine finishing .

Choosing Your Favourite Wood

No matter what appearance you are looking for , you can choose if you are using Engineering wood because it gives you option to choose from different multiple ply layers. Although it become expensive but this is also a fact that it is available in most popular woods. Where engineering wood gives fine fitting and look, it is also popular for its best and easy fitting.

hardwood 850x450

hardwood 850x450 X2